Aquatic Healing

« When we meet the life form in others, the life energy however it is expressed, with the same open fearless compassion, then more wonderful things than we can imagine will occur » – Robert Gonzales

The benefits mentioned in the chapter on energy care are also supported here by the ‘Water’ element which transforms body consciousness. In deliciously warm water (35°), the body unfolds, unravels, in a state of deep relaxation that is very difficult, if not impossible, to achieve on land. Between the hands of the therapist and the floats, gently lying on the water, one can surrender to a complete letting go and begin a journey:

  • simply touristic, in the feeling of bodily well-being achieved, of the feeling of freedom, softness and fullness that accompany it;
  • or a study trip of our inner landscapes. Contemplate them, welcome them, even if they have been injured, carried by the total benevolence that presides over these sessions. Exploring a deeper connection with all of our Being that can lead to profound transformation.

This moment out of time can take place in one or the other of these swimming pools :