« On several occasions, I benefited from an energy treatment with Fabienne. ‘Powerful sweetness’, these are the first words that come to mind when I think of this intimate and free moment at the same time. I felt respected, surrounded and challenged. Fabienne’s feelings and intuition are accurate and profound. Such a session is like letting yourself be lulled by Life itself. »


« I had the opportunity to do two energy sessions with Fabienne. The 1st session consisted of a psycho-energetic accompaniment. During this session, I listened attentively and subtly to my feelings. Fabienne has the gift of connecting with the person in front of her. On the surface, it might look like a session with a psychologist, but in depth Fabienne guided me towards the connection with myself, my emotions and my body. After this session, I saw my problems in a different light and they seemed much lighter. The 2nd session, I was lying on the table. I was immersed in an energetic bath that cleansed me in a visceral way. It was a magnificent experience. THANKS ! »


« Fabienne exudes a gentle, maternal, stable and deep energy, to which I was able to abandon myself in complete confidence during the treatment. I felt well supported throughout the session. »


« Zenitude, plenitude, calm, serenity, voluptuousness, fetal regression, bond with the mother, complete, deep relaxation, gentleness, patience, letting go, self-sacrifice, listening, sharing, communication, relationship with the universe, loss of awareness of limits of the body and integration into infinity, the infinitely large, sea of well-being, tsunami of happiness, desire for this moment to continue indefinitely…. These are the words that come to me after my aquatic session… I would like the greatest number of people to be able to live this experience of returning to oneself at the same time as expanding towards infinity…. Thank you Fabienne, may you live long! »


« Thank you Fabienne! For your care, for your proposals and feelings, for your gentleness and your empathy… »


« I received several Aquatic Healing treatments from Fabienne. I felt fully welcomed, safe, contained and relaxed in the pleasantly heated water around 35 degrees. During the treatment I released my tensions, I felt more and more fluid and joyful. I came out in harmony Body, Soul, Spirit. This well-being deepened from session to session and became deeply rooted. I highly recommend Fabienne’s treatments. »