Psycho-énergétic accompaniment

«Don’t give up, you might do it two seconds before the miracle” – Arabic proverb

During a psycho-energetic accompaniment, one can speak or not speak, as one feels. The work is done via the body and its subtle fields and not via the mind.

We can revisit, if we wish, the wounds of life, and, through energetic and not just verbal accompaniment, look at them in a new light and thus, through the gradually acquired inner strength, forgive and forgive ourselves.

Therefore, to be much happier, to find your rightful place in all circumstances, to gradually unfold to your full potential as a loving, respectful, non-violent, empathetic, tolerant human being. And things start to move in our lives, sometimes without our being aware of it at first…

I am aware that this can strongly shake up rational minds (of which I am a part), it is the experimentation of the thing that resolves all questions by removing doubts through experience.

I discovered this type of care in a desperate health situation from one of my very close friends. I then looked in all directions for all possible help and I felt, without understanding it, that something greater than our knowledge was at work and joined other efforts (medical in particular).

I then never ceased to research, discover, read, try to understand and finally experience this something. It’s an exciting path, sometimes strewn with pitfalls, because finding the right people isn’t always easy (but it’s the same in the medical world…).

For my part, it is the authenticity, the humility and the true empathy of the therapists who have guided me and I have always fled those who took themselves for God (in the medical universe also for that matter).