My journey

« Each oyster, through its wound, becomes the carrier of a pearle » -Vincent Lenhardt

My approach to the subtle world began with

  • Training in Therapeutic Touch (Krieger-Kunz method) – Level I and II – with Andrée West in Libourne –
  • Followed by a 3-year training in craniosacral therapy(Surrender method – in Paris with Seymour Brussel et Rodolphe Meyer, fabulous teachers
  • As well as training in Reiki (level I) with Yves Wauthier-Freymann ( in Brussels. These trainings completed as well as various workshops (especially in energy psychology), I felt that it was not the end of the road (as long as there is an end to the road, which I do not believe).
  • And – absolute happiness – my meditation teacher, Jan Janssen, is starting a training school for Subtle Energies©! Jan was a student of Barbara Brennan and then a teacher at several of her international schools. Barbara Brennan, former NASA astrophysicist turned therapist, is a world authority on energy healing; she is the author of several books on the subject, which have become references as she has been able to combine her scientific side and her openness to all possibilities (“Just consider the possibility…” she likes to say). Jan is not only his student and one of his teachers, he has his own career ( in various fields, which enriches his teaching and makes his approach a form of transmission that goes well beyond a technical apprenticeship and is a true path of evolution.
  • So without hesitation I did this 4-year training with Jan ( and that’s what makes me want to share the strength and happiness she built in me.

Finally, life also led me to aquatic care and the following training